Turkey Arrangement

Hello everyone! For this Thanksgiving I wanted to do something a little different with the cookie design.  Instead of a platter of turkey cookies, I decided to make one bigger turkey made up of a bunch of little “feather” cookies.  Of course I’m not sure how I feel about everyone plucking feathers off the poor… Continue reading Turkey Arrangement


Salted Caramel Apple Cookies

Hello Everyone and Happy Fall!   New Hampshire seems to think that September means immediate fall and colder weather.  It got so cold so fast!   This whole summer we have been trying to sell our house and move into a larger home with space for our growing family and an entire room devoted to… Continue reading Salted Caramel Apple Cookies

Easter Basket Cookies

Hello Everyone! Easter is nearly upon us!  This year gave me the perfect excuse to try a two new techniques for piping: basket weave and “rope”.  It’s definitely time consuming, but the effect is really nice for both.  Although I wanted to stay away from the Easter eggs that I made last year I still… Continue reading Easter Basket Cookies

Pot of Gold Cookies

Hello Everyone, Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner!  Last year I got a cauldron cookie cutter for Halloween in a bucket of cutters.  I knew as soon as I saw it that I would use it to make a pot of gold for St. Patrick’s Day.  To start I had to modify the… Continue reading Pot of Gold Cookies

Lace Hearts and Bears

Hello Everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day!  This year I wanted to decorate something in pink and brown.  Brown happens to be my favorite color, mostly because of coffee, and chocolate, and wonderful dark brown soil which also makes me think of spring and summer.  All good things.  Pink is a given for Valentine’s Day, though I… Continue reading Lace Hearts and Bears

Birthday Balloon Cookies

Hello Everyone! Welp, Frosted Bear Bakery is just about 1 year old now.  Tomorrow, Feb 5th is the exact date of my first post.  To celebrate I thought I would share some cookies I made for a birthday a little while ago. Birthday balloons!  How fun is this little arrangement?So let me tell you, this… Continue reading Birthday Balloon Cookies

Snowflakes and Winter Night Cookies

Hello Everyone! Exactly one year ago today I got it in my head to make frosted cookies instead of cake for my birthday.  At that time and since, a good portion of my attention has been focused on icing.  Shapes and color and inspiration have been everywhere.  It’s been a fun year.  Thank you everyone… Continue reading Snowflakes and Winter Night Cookies

Christmas Trees and Stockings

Hello Everyone! Christmas is upon us, ready or not!  For me, it’s more “not” than “ready.”  I did have a little time between baking snickerdoodles and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to whip together some simple tree and stocking cookies.  So here they are!Every year I put together several boxes of cookies to send to friends… Continue reading Christmas Trees and Stockings

Gobble Gobble Turkey Cookies

Hello Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone gets to spend some time with family today or doing something they love.  For me this year has been full of reasons to be thankful.  In January I started this incredibly fun journey with icing and sugar cookies.  I’ve been able to express myself through art and… Continue reading Gobble Gobble Turkey Cookies