Birthday Balloon Cookies

Hello Everyone!

Welp, Frosted Bear Bakery is just about 1 year old now.  Tomorrow, Feb 5th is the exact date of my first post.  To celebrate I thought I would share some cookies I made for a birthday a little while ago.

Birthday balloons!  How fun is this little arrangement?img_20161003_075558660_hdrSo let me tell you, this was a lesson in patience and balance.  The cookies were easy enough to make, now that I’m getting pretty good at making cookie pops.  No, that wasn’t the problem.  The problem is that unlike real balloons, cookie balloons are woefully top heavy.  The sticks would not stay upright or even face the correct direction in those marbles.  I’d get three balloons in and one would shift and spin, knocking the other two out of position.  We almost had a complete failure when the whole vase tried to fall over. Frustrations abound!

The solution?  A slice of floral foam stuck to the bottom of the vase.  Honestly, it took me way too long to think of that considering my job history.  Fun fact: Most of my teenage spring/summers were spent working at my uncle’s florist where I was trained in designing floral arrangements, planting in the greenhouses, and generally busting my butt.  I loved it, and it taught me a good deal about taking pride in my work and gave me the love I do for gardening.  There is something wonderful about making something with your hands and watching someone light up, thrilled with the results.  Exactly what they wanted, perfect.  That being said, Valley Florist and Greenhouses is still making magic for their customers.img_20161003_075755137Anyway, back to the arrangement!  The foam made a perfect base for the cookie pop sticks.  The pops stayed where I put them as long as I didn’t mess with them too much after.  The green/clear marbles were just right to hide the foam while adding enough weight so the arrangement wouldn’t fall over.  Success!

Until next time!  Time to get ready for Valentine’s Day!

Love and cookies,



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