Golf Cookies

Hello Everyone,

Oh my!  I can barely say that summer is in full swing anymore, it’s already August!  This summer has been incredibly busy.  I have had almost no time to decorate, but I wanted to share with you these cute little golf cookies I made for a retirement party.IMG_20170622_071353232I did not have a shirt cookie cutter, or a weird shaped blob cutter for the greens, so once again I had to improvise.  The shirts were actually onesies with the bottoms cut off.  The greens I actually used a foot shaped cutter to make the basic shape, and a Halloween skull to cut off the toes.  They turned out pretty good, I’d say.  

I found it easier to outline the traps and green first with the darker green “fairway” and sprinkle on the green sanding sugar “grass”.  It was easier to use a brush afterwards to clean up any wayward sanding sugar crystals and add in the traps and green after.

The golf balls were made with a wet-on-wet technique.  First the circles were covered in white and then dotted with black.  Unfortunately with black on white there is very little room for error, so it took some mistakes to learn that each dot needs to be done very carefully!  If you give it a try, make sure to lift straight up after each dot to prevent little tails.  The second white layer I actually use the white icing to push a little into the black to create the crescent in the direction I wanted.

The diamonds on the shirts proved to be the most tricky part of the whole set.  I completely blame myself for the trouble since I did not use 15 second icing.  Instead I used the same flood as the water hazards and the rest of the shirt.  What worked best in creating fairly pointed diamonds was using the scribe tool to pull each point out and let it dry completely before adding the green around it.IMG_20170622_075904294

Until next time everyone, enjoy the sunshine!

Love and Cookies,



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