Easter Basket Cookies

Hello Everyone!

Easter is nearly upon us!  This year gave me the perfect excuse to try a two new techniques for piping: basket weave and “rope”.  It’s definitely time consuming, but the effect is really nice for both.  Although I wanted to stay away from the Easter eggs that I made last year I still found myself grabbing the giant egg cutter for the basket shape.IMG_20170225_094336015 (2)Once the basket background was flooded in white I started piping the basket weave.  There are several tutorials out there, like this one from Sweetambs, that were very helpful for getting started.vlcsnap-2017-04-14-20h40m02s152I did discover that when making the little hashes over the vertical line, it’s a good idea to give them a longer “tail” and dip under the vertical lines to start.  That way the icing looks more like one continuous thread going over and under the lines.

The rope was actually more tricky for me than the weave.  If you watch the video at the end you’ll see that the cookie I filmed for the weave is different than the one for the rope.  The reason?  Well, I am a lefty and making the little S shape was easier going right to left, instead of left to right.  I definitely need more practice with the rope effect, I’m sure that all the pros out there can pipe in any direction!vlcsnap-2017-04-14-20h42m42s188I added the long grass leaves with a flat tip (Wilton 301).  Come to think of it, I bet the flat ribbon type tip would be good for making the basket weave as well.  Maybe next time.  I used up a bunch of leftover drop flowers to make a colorful bunch.IMG_20170225_094329050 (1)Until next time, have a Happy Easter and wonderful weekend!

Love and cookies,



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