Lace Hearts and Bears

Hello Everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day!  This year I wanted to decorate something in pink and brown.  Brown happens to be my favorite color, mostly because of coffee, and chocolate, and wonderful dark brown soil which also makes me think of spring and summer.  All good things.  Pink is a given for Valentine’s Day, though I… Continue reading Lace Hearts and Bears


Writing with Icing and Conversation Heart Cookies

  Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope you’re staying warm, wherever you are.  It’s been a very cold week here in New Hampshire.  But you know what warms a house up while making it smell fantastic?  Baking cookies!   I’ve been practicing writing this week with various textures of icing and a small variety of piping… Continue reading Writing with Icing and Conversation Heart Cookies

Experiments with Frosting

Hello Everyone! Let’s continue with my attempts to whip frosting into shape.  See what I did there? I’ve been experimenting with icings for a month now.  I’ll tell you, it’s been educational.  First, while glaze is wonderful in flavor, it is pretty terrible at holding its shape.  Nope, everything turns into a blob.  My glaze… Continue reading Experiments with Frosting