Snowflakes and Winter Night Cookies

Hello Everyone!

Exactly one year ago today I got it in my head to make frosted cookies instead of cake for my birthday.  At that time and since, a good portion of my attention has been focused on icing.  Shapes and color and inspiration have been everywhere.  It’s been a fun year.  Thank you everyone for your support.

Today, on my birthday, I wanted to share with you something a little different.  The sugar cookies I have been making have been primarily flavored almond and vanilla.  A friend asked me to make some kind of spiced cookie snowflakes and I immediately thought this was going to be fun.  I was not wrong!  After discussing what flavors he liked best we decided that ginger sounded good.  The flavor profile was finally settled on Vanilla Ginger with a little bit of allspice.  I made the cookies the same, except traded out the almond for the ginger and allspice.  And oh man, were they good! img_20161222_114921785The colors we chose were a couple shades of winter blue and white.  Each snowflake got a unique design.  It felt more like symmetrical doodling really.  Super fun and relaxing.  I also cut out some ornament cookies to add as a little accent to the order, fully intending to decorate them in the same style as the snowflakes.  img_20161223_074516895But then inspiration hit.  The colors did it really.  That dark blue against the white.  It reminded me of a clear night sky with the full moon lighting up the snow.  Smooth and untouched with the silhouettes of trees.  Everything is so still and precious.  Yes, I know I know.  I still hate winter. img_20161223_074210866Anyway, I had a thought that maybe this time I would try to record it.  So with a camera and mini tripod I set up a little work area where I could film one of the cookies being made.  In retrospect I should have recorded more than one cookie since there were some fuzzy points and a part at the end where my hand gets right in the way.  What was that??  Oh well.  Learning!

So here it is, for the new year, the Frosted Bear Bakery YouTube channel and my first decorating video!  Enjoy 🙂

Love and cookies,



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