Christmas Trees and Stockings

Hello Everyone!

Christmas is upon us, ready or not!  For me, it’s more “not” than “ready.”  I did have a little time between baking snickerdoodles and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to whip together some simple tree and stocking cookies.  So here they are!img_20161219_074110305Every year I put together several boxes of cookies to send to friends and family, this year I added in decorated sugar cookies to the usual snickerdoodles.  Two reasons.  1. I wanted to share my new passion with my very distant friends/family and 2. I have been super curious to see how the cookies shipped and if they could survive a trip across the country in my usual packaging.  I will find out when they arrive!  img_20161218_145723689_hdrThe little trees were supposed to have a ruffle of white garland, made with a tiny star tip, but the icing was too thin.  Normally, I’d scrape it off and add more of the thicker white to make the icing more stiff, but I decided not to.  I was kinda digging the smoother lines for garland.  img_20161219_074220743_hdrNow for the stockings I knew that I would want the white ruffled look.  Smooth would just not work here!  So I did empty out the bag and mix in more of the thicker white for the stocking tops.  Here’s a tip I learned: go in one direction.  I tried to apply the icing in a Z shape, but the pattern was distracting and not very attractive.  Instead when you get to the end of a row cut the icing and start a new row.  See?  Nice the fluffy!img_20161219_074309169I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.  Stay safe and stay warm!  I’ll let you know how well the cookies traveled in the next post.

Love and cookies,



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