Baptism Cookies for Maya (part 2)


Hello Everyone!

This is part 2 of Maya’s Baptism Cookies.  There was just so many different designs I felt the need to break it into two posts.  I just really love all of these for their delicate design, but also for the simplicity in color.  This was a lesson in getting icing consistency correct and trusting instincts.  I also learned that having some simpler cookies mixed in with the complicated looking ones round out the entire look when you put them all together.IMG_20160612_112052116I originally had mixed up just three colors – pink, purple, and white and thought that it would be easier because I wouldn’t need as many piping bags.  Nope.  There was piping icing in each color for the roses and vines, flood in white, 20 second in white, pink, and purple for details.  Then green at the end and that made 8!  IMG_20160609_222153054_HDR.jpgI had thought at first that I would do the vines in a pale green because I was unsure how the white on white would look.  In the end though I went with the white to keep it simple, yet elegant.  The vines themselves felt more like doodling than anything.  Well, doodling with direction.  I found what worked best was to start with a curl at one point and make a long wavy vine to another point.  Then add in the branches afterwards.  By working in bigger sections I discovered that I could avoid making some parts more “branchy” than others.  If that makes sense!IMG_20160612_111651531The leaves were added at the very end.  Oh did I struggle with those.  It took me a good while (waiting for other things to dry, but still!) to decide if I wanted to mix up some green and add leaves.  Or if I should use the white and make white leaves.  In the end I made a little bit of vine on some parchment paper and added white leaves.  Didn’t look right.  It was the third element that was just too much and the leaves got lost between the flood background and vines.  The green on the other hand just made everything pop.

Until next time!  Love and cookies,



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