Baptism Cookies for Maya

IMG_20160612_112647238(1).jpgHello Everyone!

A few weeks ago I made some baptism cookies for my cousin’s baby.  I got to try a technique I saw a while ago from Sweet Sugarbelle called quilting.

Well, I don’t have a projector, but I do have candy markers and a nice straight edge spatula.  Between the two I was able to draw out the lines for the quilting.  I can’t say that it came out perfect, since there were some definite hiccups, but I was still pleased with the results.  I may still get a projector sometime for more complicated designs.IMG_20160611_111701348(1)After I drew the lines I started filling in the squares with icing.  I used regular flood icing since I was flooding other cookies with plain white at the same time.  This, as it turns out, was a mistake and it alerted me to another problem.  The red candy marker was peeking through the white!  Not good friends, not good.  Pro tip: don’t use dark marker under light colors.  Next time I’ll use the yellow.  Also the flood icing is much more difficult to control in small spaces like this.IMG_20160611_111614321IMG_20160611_115756908(1)So lesson learned, I let the squares dry completely and whipped together some 20 second icing for the rest of the quilt squares.  The colors are a little different between squares, but actually I think it kinda gives it a bit more visual interest.IMG_20160611_133040084(2)Once everything was completely dry I added the dots and roses.  Still working on my rose making, but these came out pretty good.  Leaves are easy and super fun, I’ll talk about those next week when I show you the rest of the baptism cookies.IMG_20160612_112715005

Until then!

Love and cookies,



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