Mother’s Day Basket


Hello Everyone!

I wanted to do something a little different for Mother’s Day in honor of my own mother.  I know that if I have any artistic skill, then it came from her.  And while a plate of cookies is always a wonderful thing, I wanted to combine the traditional flower arrangement gift with cookies.  Also it gave me a chance to play with the cookie pops again.  

This time I wanted the flowers to stand up more like real flowers on stems.  I’m going to tell you, baking blobs of cookie dough with sticks standing upright just won’t work.  They are just going to flop over as soon as the dough gets soft.  No, of course I didn’t try that!  The mommy brain isn’t that muddled.  Yeah okay maybe it is.  So on my second try I actually made little balls of dough and pressed the stick through to make what looked like mini doughnuts then baked them that way without the sticks.  After they were cool and the flower cookies were frosted and dried I glued the little doughnuts to the back of the flower cookies with royal icing.  Then I filled the little doughnuts with frosting and glued the stick into place.  

IMG_20160426_164946577The flowers themselves were done with two different techniques to make the streaks and the layered petals.  I have to say, the layered petals took the most time because I had to let each layer of petals dry before adding the next.  Thankfully I had other cookies to decorate between layers!  To make the petals I started with the outermost row and just made them big enough to end where the next row would begin.  Then when that row was dry I made the next row.  If you are trying this make sure you just pipe every other petal when you get towards the middle.  Otherwise the petals will bleed into each other and make blobs.  Blobs are bad!  Unless you are a pirate bunny.

IMG_20160426_165855860The other type of flower I made white with a streak of color pulled in towards the middle of the flower.  To do this add a line of color at the edge of the flower while the base white frosting is still wet.  Then drag your scribe tool lightly through the color to make the streaks.  I ended up with a ton of little bumps in my icing from doing that.  But I found a trick!  Get a wet paper towel and run the scribe tool through it before tapping the points down.  The tiny bit of moisture will melt the sugar down and help smooth things out.

IMG_20160426_165805823Here is the end result:


IMG_20160426_165737573.jpgIf you happen to live in the Rindge, NH area and would like to order an arrangement like this for Mother’s Day head over to the contact or Facebook page and send me a message. 

Love and cookies,



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