Bees and Caterpillars

Guys!  Can I just say this week was so much fun.  Crazy, busy, but fun.  I ended up baking a German apple cake, chocolate chip cookies for my daughter’s school dance, and these little guys for a little boy who wanted bug cookies for his 5th birthday party.IMG_20160428_172752515I wanted the bugs, especially the caterpillars to have a segmented look to them to make them a bit more realistic.  So to start I piped out every other segment for the green caterpillars and the stripes and part of the wings for the bees and let them dry completely before adding anything else.  For the striped caterpillar I tried to make the black lines follow the segments here and there.IMG_20160428_132202672_HDRThe next step was more fun because the little creepers started to really come together.  The striped caterpillars took the longest because you have to let each color dry before adding the next or the colors will blend together too much.  Also I would recommend using a thicker icing than I did, maybe 15-20 seconds rather than my 10.  Thicker icing and a smaller tip for more control of the details.  Next time I’ll likely use a size 1 tip instead of a 2.IMG_20160428_171308725I debated making the bee wings have black veins like real wings, but in the end I decided to go with the white.  I thought it might be a little too busy at best, and ugly at worst.  So here they are!
IMG_20160428_172933220Until next time!

Love and cookies,


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