Bouquet of Flower Cookies

A few weeks ago I was given a bit of a challenge.  Definitely fun and welcome as far as challenges go.  The thing is, I have been meaning to try something with cookie pops.  As fun as individual cookie pops are, I have wanted to try to make a bouquet arrangement of flower type cookies.  So I was super excited when a friend of mine asked for a “cookie flower arrangement” for a little girl named Ashley who was going to be in a play that weekend.

There are a few ways to make cookie pops.  The simplest way is to just roll out the cookies and cut them as normal, and stick the lollipop stick into the cookie before you bake it.  This was the way I was going to do it, but then I got nervous that the soft cookies might crack and fall apart when I’m messing with them to make the arrangement.  So another way to do it is to bake tiny round dummy cookies with sticks in them.  Then you can just glue the dummy cookie to the back of the decorated cookie with royal icing.  I really wish I had taken pictures of the process.  I will next time.  Promise!   Ah, the lessons learned when you’re a new blogger!  

So after making the dummy cookies on sticks I prepped the sticks with some wire so that they can be tied together in the arrangement.  IMG_20160418_153734751_HDR (1)Tissue paper and a bow hides the messy area where everything is tied up and ta da!  A pretty bouquet for a special little girl.  IMG_20160304_113401990


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