Birthday Flowers

Hello Everyone!

Two weeks ago was Miss Samantha’s 1st and my lovely niece Emily’s 13th birthday party. They are twelve years and one day apart in age and Miss Emily was thrilled at the idea of sharing her birthday party with her littlest cousin.  Time goes by too fast, doesn’t it?  Feels like only a few years ago that Emily was born.  Now my own babies are getting so big.  Here is Miss Samantha enjoying her chocolate cupcake.  She wasn’t too sure about the frosting at first, but she figured it out fast.IMG_20160319_163358076_HDR.jpgWe made the party theme all about flowers and spring.  With brightly colored paper flowers all around the house and a flower pot painting activity, everyone had fun.

Now, I couldn’t let a special event go by without cookies! So along with the cake we also had little flower cookies to match the theme.IMG_20160319_142047815IMG_20160319_142047815 (1)I really like these cookies because they are bite size, the colors are bright and balance each other nicely.  The design is simple, but in the platters they really stood out as something special and brightened the table.  Plus they were super fun to make.  As a result they were gone within minutes!

Until next week!

Love and cookies,



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