Easter Bunny Faces

Happy Easter!

Well, Happy day-after-Easter.  Still, I wanted to share these cute little bunny faces with you before I let the holiday go.  I started with a flood of white and pink because I wanted the pink of the ears to sink in a little bit.IMG_20160326_144350844These bunny faces went through a couple of attempts before I was happy.  I originally had this plan to make these cookies with a cute little triangle nose and a smile.  But in practice, they ended up looking like some strange mix of cat-bunny.  No good.  So I changed my mind before adding details to the rest and left it for the night.  Enough time to remember the bunny teeth and cheeks!  Yup.  That’s what was missing.

See?  Aren’t these so much cuter?IMG_20160328_144851751Where is the third bunny?  Well… unfortunately, a side effect of leaving Royal Icing in the piping bags is that it sometimes will separate the water out and cause unintended watery blobs of icing.  Epic mistakes, such as a giant unfixable black eyebrow blob on a white background, combined with an overtired mommy, very often leads to a bit of silliness.  IMG_20160328_145006740Honestly, I kinda like him.  Although the other two now look a little terrified.  Hmm..

Love and cookies,



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