Easter Egg Cookies

My favorite part of Easter has always been decorating eggs with my mom and sister on the Saturday before Easter.  We’d pick out the best looking ones for relatives and eat the rest. Now that I have kids of my own we make colored eggs at our house together.  Miss Evelyn is super eggcited this year to teach her little sister how to color eggs.  Since Miss Samantha is only one year old, I think she will be watching more than helping.  Or possibly just tossing the eggs on the floor.  Either way, I expect a fun mess.

In getting ready for Easter eve’s egg coloring festivities, I made up some egg cookies. Decorating this batch was almost as fun as decorating real eggs, but I have to say, these are much more tasty.  There may be a new tradition in the works here.IMG_20160321_151209537_HDR


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