Celtic Cross Cookies

Happy March!

Winter is almost over, time to start thinking green!  I love March.  Well, actually I love the middle to end of March.  Spring is coming, warmer weather, happiness.  Plus it’s almost time to start sowing flower and veggie seeds for my garden.  I’ll put some pictures in the blog for fun once I’ve got the planting room set up again.

In celebration of March and Saint Patrick’s Day I decided to work on my piping some more with these delicate Celtic crosses.  

IMG_20160301_142706571I wish I could say that these were done completely freehand, but that would be a big lie.  I drew these out first on grid paper, then covered the drawing with parchment paper and just followed the lines.  Worked great.  Yup, worked right up until I needed to put the icing onto the cookies.  Oops.  Turns out I had to sort-of free hand these.  Here’s the trick.  If you make little (and I mean little) dots of color where you need the lines to cross or where you change direction then you can map out the whole design before piping.  I liked how there’s even a touch of a woven effect here and there.

Until next time!

Love and cookies,



3 thoughts on “Celtic Cross Cookies”

  1. Lovely! …but, where did you start?! I’m trying to figure out just how you did it -which way you started – but can’t. Gorgeous design and idea.


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