Halloween Cookies

Hello Everyone!

I just love Halloween.  It’s this little blip of something completely different in the middle of Fall to snap me out of the “colder weather funk.”  Since I had my girls it’s been even better.  This year the girls are going as Elsa and Anna.  I knew it would happen eventually.  Miss Evelyn loves blue, everything Frozen, and has long blonde hair.  Frankly I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to be Elsa every year since the movie came out!  Miss Samantha will be Anna, mostly because it matches and partly because she’s only a year and a half and doesn’t know the difference.  Evelyn is delighted.IMG_20161020_074431861_HDR.jpgFor Miss Evelyn’s class this year she wanted me to make some Halloween cookies.  I let her pick out the cutters, but asked her to only choose 4, mostly to limit the amount of colors needed.  Originally she picked ghost, spider web, cat, and pumpkin.  But then when drawing them, I realized that unless I deviated from the white ghost and black cat (she wanted everything to be straight up classic) the cookies were going to be colorless.  img_20161020_073835789So I asked if she wanted some witches in there.  Since we already needed orange and green for the pumpkin it was easy enough to add these little cuties.img_20161020_073632979The pumpkins were super fun, though they took some patience to let each segment dry before adding the next.  The stems and and squiggle vines were added at the end.  For the vines I used a number 1 tip and let the icing loop and turn as it would, with some direction.img_20161020_073530180About a month ago I had some leftover black piping icing and decided to make some bugs for the heck of it with the thought that maybe I’d use spiders for Halloween or something.  For this batch of cookies I didn’t save any icing for piping.  It’s all flood and something close to 15 second.  Glad I made the spiders before!  The webs were done with a spiral of black flood over the white base while everything was still wet.  Then we dragged a toothpick through to each point.  The spiders were added with a drop of black icing after everything was dry.img_20161020_073934685Until next time!  Have a Happy Halloween!

Love and cookies,



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