Beach Starfish and Sand Dollars


img_20160603_063726193Hello Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the long holiday weekend.  The weather was beautiful up here in New Hampshire.  Before we start thinking about Fall too much I wanted to share one last summer hurrah with these beachy cookies.  One of the long time librarians was retiring this year and you can guess where she wants to spend the majority of her retirement!

I wanted to make a combination of big and little starfish, but I didn’t have any little starfish cutters.  I did have a little star cookie cutter though so that worked near enough so I decided to modify it a bit.  I just cut a bit more away from the inside corners and turned the points slightly so they weren’t perfect stars anymore.  Done!  The dough was pretty warm once I was done so they got popped back into the fridge to harden before baking.  

The beach and surf cookies were super fun to make.  I started with a white section on one side of the cookie and when it was dry I added the blue.  Though it’s more of a blue green like the water in the Caribbean.  With fall and winter coming wouldn’t it be nice to sneak away for a week to warmer waters?  

I used the watercolor technique again for the beach sand, but this time I kept it under control.  Two or three layers of overlapping brown for the sand (letting it dry completely between each layer) and that was it.  No mud here.  Not this time!img_20160602_192608197_hdrThe surf was added with a couple messy lines of 20 second icing.  Then I used a smaller square paint brush to swipe down the foam.  Again, I found that less is more here.  This whole project felt like a lesson in discipline.  In practice I found that the more I messed with the icing the muddier it looked.  So when I tried it on the cookies I swiped and moved on.  Done!img_20160603_063251381Until next time enjoy the rest of the warm weather!

Love and cookies,



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