Easter Cross Cookies

While we’ve been enjoying St. Patrick’s Day and everything green, Easter has been sneaking up on us, friends.  And now it’s less than two weeks away!  Which means my plans for this week have changed.  I should have something special later this week as an extra post because I’m not quite done with my St. Patty’s Day inspiration, but for today I wanted to share some pretty Easter crosses.  IMG_20160312_113404538For these guys I had to learn how to make really little roses.  The type of roses I used are called swirl roses, which were not overly tricky to make.  You need thick icing and a very small star tip.  Then you just make a little blob star and pull the icing around a couple times.  I found that if I made the star a little sideways to start then the rose turned out better.  Here’s the beautiful bunch of swirl roses:IMG_20160314_161114929Just like the drop flowers from before there is a bit of a learning curve, but with a little guidance even my six year old was able to make a few (which she ate as soon as they were dried).  The leaves and vines were piped directly onto the cookies with a No. 1 tip and thicker royal icing/glaze mix.  If you want to try your hand at some I would take a look at Sugarbelle’s guide.

Have a happy week!

Love and cookies,



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