Stars, Stripes, and Fireworks


Hello Everyone and Happy Independence Day!

I hope everybody has been enjoying this long beautiful weekend.  We’ve been spending time with family, eating all the classic bad-for-you summer type foods, and getting some pool time in.  I love the 4th for the fireworks celebrations too of course.  This year because Miss Samantha is still a bit too little to enjoy them we are going to skip the loud fireworks show.  Instead, we made fireworks on cookies!  Although I do suspect we’ll light some sparklers for the kids later tonight.IMG_20160704_140336587_HDRThis week I was playing with the watercolor technique some more.  I was going for a LIGHT background of color.  Just a hint of blue and red and the image of our flag in watercolor.  As you can see, I got a little carried away and added too many layers of color.  Also the color dries a little darker so that didn’t help either.  I think for next time I’ll go with just a few swipes of color over the white and forego mixing the red with the blue.  IMG_20160704_140021547The fireworks were added with a number 1 tip after everything was dry.  Getting the shape just right was challenging and took several tries before I was happier with it.  Thankfully once the watercolor is dry it’s possible to wipe off mistakes and try again.  

Until next time, have a great holiday!IMG_20160704_135546169Love and cookies,



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