Baby Shower Cookies

Hello Everyone!

Several weeks ago I saw these cookie cutters at the Michaels and well, I just had to have them.  Mostly for the bear, to be honest.  Look at how cute he is!  I had this idea to make some baby shower cookies with bears and duckies, but then as I was cutting the dough the rocking horse was calling to me so I cut a couple of those and suddenly I had just made a couple of each.  Oops.  No control.  That’s me.  IMG_20160427_184815540.jpgThe good news is that I figured out that the tiny star tip I used to make the swirl roses (#13 if you’re curious) works great for making the ruffles around the baby carriage and the curly hair on the rocking horse.  For the hair you want to wiggle the tip back and forth a bit to get the curly effect.  I’m already thinking about how else I can use this.  Maybe curly Santa beards?  Shaggy dogs?  We’ll see.  Tuck this one away for now.

I also really liked the onesies.  My little Sammi is growing out of all her really small baby stuff now.  We are trading onesies for shirts and pants more often.  Making these reminded me of all the little outfits that she (and Evelyn before her) wore in the first year.  I won’t lie, I definitely dug through her clothes for inspiration.  I thought about dots and flowers and little monkey faces, but in the end I kept them very simple with just stripes this time.  Dots would have worked just as well, but I wanted to mimic the carriage a little bit.  IMG_20160427_185322054

Until next time!

Love and cookies,



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