Frosted Bear, Day 1

My birthday was last month and instead of my usual cake with buttercream frosting (yum, by the way), I decided to make cookies.  It was my birthday after all, and on your birthday you can do whatever you want.  It’s a rule.

I don’t usually make sugar cookies.  I have always found them to be too plain.  Boring even.  I prefer snickerdoodles, double chocolate cake cookies, or pumpkin chocolate chip.  My regular cookie consumers tend to agree.  I think the draw this time was the frosting.  Frosting just goes with birthdays.  And for frosting you need something like a sugar cookie.  So I found my old recipe and broke out the cookie cutters.  That’s when I discovered glaze.  And color.

With spoons and a very unused set of piping tips and bags I made my first frosted sugar cookies.  Not bad, I’d say.  Soft and chewy with a sweet cream glaze.  IMG_20160113_072908241_HDR

What was left of these cuties came with me to work the next day.  And I got a “hey, can I get some of these for Valentine’s Day?”  Um… sure.  I could probably make some kind of Valentine’see day cookies.

It’s funny how an itch, and a little triumph over sugar, can put you on a new path.  As a result my house has been filled with sugar cookies and happy children (one of them being my husband) for the past month.

Next week I’ll be showing off some of my (hopefully) cuter Valentine’s Day cookies.  I’ve been delving into the rather intimidating world of Royal Icing!

Love and cookies,



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