Chocolate Chip Cookies!


THIS is what I’ve been craving.  I didn’t even know it until the hubby Brian asked if I could whip together a batch for his co-workers.  After a long week the week before and a Monday morning only hours away it made all the sense in the world to send along chocolate chip cookies for the crew.  Just a tiny bit crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, buttery, sweet and a little salty at the same time.  Plus chocolate chips.  Have I mentioned how much I love chocolate?  

Here’s the thing about chocolate chip cookies though.  The dough must be mixed by hand.  The mixer has to sit this one out, sorry.  Sugar cookies like air to be whipped into the sugar and butter before mixing in the flour.  Light and fluffy is the goal with sugar cookies, but not with chocolate chip cookies.  And I find that even on low the mixer still adds in too much air.  They turn out dry and crumbly and have a weird texture.  Nope, in my opinion you have to be gentle with chocolate chip.  


Also, when baking these (and most other kinds of drop cookies), there are a few rules to follow.  

One:  Real butter, room temperature.  Enough said.  

Two:  Make sure you pile the dough taller, rather than wider.  You want the cookies to work harder to spread out while baking.  Don’t make it easy for them!  You’ll be rewarded with a cookie that’s more compact and doesn’t get dried out.  

Three:  Pull the cookies out of the oven a minute early and let them set up for that last minute on the cookie sheet before moving them to the cooling rack.  

Four:  Always let your cookie sheet cool completely before starting your next batch.  Rule number three goes back to rule number one; you can’t pile dough properly if it’s melting before it goes into the oven.  

Five:  Always leave a little bowl of chocolate chips on the counter while making these.  The children/husband will go for the easy chocolate and leave the dough alone (results may vary).


Until next time!

Love and Cookies,



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