Easter Bunny Faces

Happy Easter! Well, Happy day-after-Easter.  Still, I wanted to share these cute little bunny faces with you before I let the holiday go.  I started with a flood of white and pink because I wanted the pink of the ears to sink in a little bit.These bunny faces went through a couple of attempts before… Continue reading Easter Bunny Faces


Easter Egg Cookies

My favorite part of Easter has always been decorating eggs with my mom and sister on the Saturday before Easter.  We’d pick out the best looking ones for relatives and eat the rest. Now that I have kids of my own we make colored eggs at our house together.  Miss Evelyn is super eggcited this… Continue reading Easter Egg Cookies

Irish Cream Paws and Stout Brown Bears

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!   I really wanted to try these before the holiday passed.  Yes, I know I can make these any time, but it just feels better making them today.  Plus, I got to do some baking with my little sister Nicole.  It’s always fun spending time together.  Add in chocolate cookies and… Continue reading Irish Cream Paws and Stout Brown Bears

Easter Cross Cookies

While we’ve been enjoying St. Patrick’s Day and everything green, Easter has been sneaking up on us, friends.  And now it’s less than two weeks away!  Which means my plans for this week have changed.  I should have something special later this week as an extra post because I’m not quite done with my St.… Continue reading Easter Cross Cookies

Shamrock Cookies

Hello Everyone! I learned a lesson this week: don’t wait until the last minute to get your cookie cutters. Guess what pretty much every store is sold out of right now? Shamrock cookie cutters. Boo. But guys, St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and I’m certainly not going to let it pass without trying my… Continue reading Shamrock Cookies

Celtic Cross Cookies

Happy March! Winter is almost over, time to start thinking green!  I love March.  Well, actually I love the middle to end of March.  Spring is coming, warmer weather, happiness.  Plus it’s almost time to start sowing flower and veggie seeds for my garden.  I’ll put some pictures in the blog for fun once I’ve… Continue reading Celtic Cross Cookies